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          An Independent HelmsBriscoe Associate | 636-678-7661 |?jstone@helmsbriscoe.com

          Jill Stone

          Your Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother

          • New Hire Now – Event Technologist

            Keeping up with technological advances is evermore becoming a full-time job. It’s not slowing down and continues to speed up. According to MeetingsNet, 91% of event professionals state that event technology is an important aspect of the job. It may be time to consider hiring an Event Technologist! Attendees expect an Amazon-like experience these days.[...]

          • perfect meeting

            PERFECT Meeting

            Have you been dreaming about your PERFECT meeting? Seems like an impossible dream. I can help get you closer to that dream and save you TIME and MONEY. I can assist you in finding the perfect meeting location for all of your meetings at NO COST to your organization. I know! To find out more[...]

          • What is a Micro-influencer and Do You Need One?

            A Micro-influencer is an individual that has less than 10K followers, though some reports share a scale that goes anywhere from 1K on up to 100K followers. What a micro-influencer lacks in audience, they make up for in influence to a niche market. Plus, they tend to be more accessible and authentic and come with[...]

          • Thanksgiving Leftovers

            Thanksgiving means a lot of food, therefore leftovers! We get excited about the feast, and then we get to be excited all over again for leftovers. By all means make your turkey and cranberry sandwiches, but here are some other ideas that are sure to rock your post-Thanksgiving world. Turkey Cranberry Melts: A yummy twist[...]

          • What to Know Before You Sign, Initial, Fist Bump on a Contract

            Contracts? We sign a lot of them. And while we understand their importance, we also know they can be a challenge. Each contract must be gone over a few times, negotiated and signed. Here are some thoughts on how to ensure you’re not giving away the farm. Think of it as an ongoing process: Each[...]

          • Meeting Plenary

            Happy (almost) Halloween, friends! As all things spooky and kooky are on the horizon, I have a special vlog for you today! Are you TERRIFIED your next meeting will not be where you want it to be? FEAR NOT meeting planners – I am here to calm your fears!

          I Save You Time

          I send out RFPs on your behalf, gather all the information, present it to you in an easy to read format.

          This frees up your time to focus on the details of your meeting.

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          I Save You Money

          HelmsBriscoe is the largest site selection firm in the world.

          Putting our negotiating power to work for you means saving money and big pats on the back from your bosses.

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          I Save You Headaches

          Selecting the perfect location can be a pain!

          I review contracts and negotiate with the site to ensure both your company and attendees have a great experience.

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          I Save You Heartaches

          Attrition costs, contract issues, out-of-the-blue craziness?

          Not anymore, call me when the heartaches arise. Together, I am sure that we will get you back on the mend.

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          Jill really does keep me sane We can be looking at 15 different properties at any given time, Jill keeps it all organized, reminds me of the pros and cons of each property and is truly concerned about finding the best possible location for each meeting.


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          All About That Space!

          All About That Space!

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